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Fall 2019, No. 2, Vol. 1 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

CERTCON9, a Gate for New Horizons in Cyber-Security

Cătălin-Petrică ARAMĂ, Cosmina MOGHIOR,


Every year, the „New Global Challenges in Cyber Security” conference tackles the most pressing cyber security issues on the public agenda and looks at both the latest challenges in this field and ways to overcome them together with cyber security experts from private companies across all sectors and industries, government officials, policy-makers, NGOs and Academia. This year’s edition of the CERTCON addressed some of the most critical subjects of cybersecurity, ranging from Cybersecurity of 5G Network, Cybercrime, Education & Awareness, NIS implementation, Artificial Intelligence, Research & Development in cybersecurity. The new technologies bring to Romania new opportunities, but also new security challenges. Some of the measures that can reduce these vulnerabilities are cooperation, increasing confidence, increasing incident response capacity, developing digital skills, education and awareness, as well as updating the education curriculum to new realities.

Cybercrime, Global Challenges, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security

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Cătălin-Petrică ARAMĂ, Cosmina MOGHIOR, "CERTCON9, a Gate for New Horizons in Cyber-Security", Romanian Cyber Security Journal, ISSN 2668-6430, vol. 1(2), pp. 89-93, 2019.