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Fall 2019, No. 2, Vol. 1 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

CYBERSECURITY – A Challenge and a Responsability for Romania

Alexandru PETRESCU

Minister of Communications and Information Society

Cyber, as a word and as a prefix appended to many concepts, has permanently entered our vocabulary, our public discourse and our policies. It reflects the reality of a society changing under the impetus of the rapid adoption of Information Technology. By “society”, I mean not only the lives of individuals, their relationships and their governing bodies, but also the fundamental substrate of technology and organizations that allow modern societies to function. The Romanian legislation and the European Union call these critical infrastructures but, however they are termed and governed, they are nevertheless vital. The list is very long and includes finance, agriculture, food processing, transport, energy generation, energy transport, healthcare, education and many more, not just in the sense of industry, but in all aspects, including regulatory and security.

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