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Fall 2019, No. 2, Vol. 1 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

DoS and DDos Attacks on IoT Devices

Adrian-Viorel ANDRIU


The Internet has opened a parallel platform for communications, exchange of information and goods. While the digital dimension may enrich our lives on many different levels, it leaves us vulnerable to new threats. Nowadays, because of insufficient security of IoT ( Internetconnected Internet of Things) the number of DoS (Denial-of-Dervice) or DDos (Distributed-Denialof- Service) attaks have grown from 3% to 6% in 2016. Almost 60% came from Asia, EMEA has 21% and the other 19% came from Americas. The main reason that most of the cyberattacks are originated from Asia is that the region has a weak infrastructure used to commit fraudulent acts. The NTT Security 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report showed out all this aspects when it was published at the beginning of this month. At the base of the report were lots of factors and lots of resources. The numbers are impressive: networks containing 10,000 clients across five continents, 3.5 trillion security logs, and 6.2 billion attempted attacks and so on. Many sophisticated sensors kept track of cyberattacks for over six months. The favorite of the attacks was a special model of the video camera (over 66% of attacks).

Internet of Things, Denial of Service, Distributed Denial of Service

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Adrian-Viorel ANDRIU, "DoS and DDos Attacks on IoT Devices", Romanian Cyber Security Journal, ISSN 2668-6430, vol. 1(2), pp. 85-88, 2019.