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Fall 2019, No. 2, Vol. 1 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

Multi-Factor Authentication. An Extended Overview

Matei-Dimitrie TIȚA


This paper presents in a more detailed manner some of the techniques that can enforce the security of data by using a multi-factor authentication. Cyberattacks target vulnerable systems by exploiting their weak authentication procedures and the validation process. An additional method of authentication is supposed to help the users secure the access to their information by presenting something more than just a password. The most well-known factors are biometrics, cards and authentication applications. By adding more than one factor for authentication, the possibility of a security breach is diminished. Moreover, we discuss the importance of using a multi-factor authentication, as well as some advantages and some drawbacks for each of these methods.

Security, multi-factor authentication, password, breach, biometrics, Cyberattacks

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Matei-Dimitrie TIȚA, "Multi-Factor Authentication. An Extended Overview", Romanian Cyber Security Journal, ISSN 2668-6430, vol. 1(2), pp. 75-84, 2019.