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Fall 2020, No. 2, Vol. 2 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

ICI Learning: Platform Dedicated to Online Learning

Paul-Cristian VASILE, Andreea DINU,


Over time, technology has developed exponentially, with a major impact in most areas of business around the world. Lately, the evolution of technology has brought an extremely significant contribution to learning and education methods. Online education has gained great popularity among educational institutions and specialization courses. In this paper, we present ICI Learning, a platform dedicated to online learning. We will define traditional and online learning, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each learning method. The technologies used in the implementation of the platform and the online learning methods available within it will be discussed. Also, the capabilities offered to each type of existing user will be analyzed in order to extract the benefits of using an online platform.

e-learning, technology, traditional learning, online learning, ICI Learning, education, platform

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Paul-Cristian VASILE, Andreea DINU, "ICI Learning: Platform Dedicated to Online Learning", Romanian Cyber Security Journal, ISSN 2668-6430, vol. 2(2), pp. 49-55, 2020.