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Fall 2021, No. 2, Vol. 3 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

Future Transformational Outlook for the Digital Society and Economy

Zlatogor MINCHEV


The comprehensive understanding of the mixed cyber-physical world requires a suitable exploration paradigm that is able to handle both tangible and intangible assets of the new extended digital reality. Talking about the future inevitably opens the hybrid human-machine combination of knowledge, experience and simulated experiments towards a combined effort of multifactor treatment of the upcoming digital society. Going beyond with the future economy transformation, the present beliefs for a utopian blockchain implementations of digital currencies will unprecedently clash with the slower social changes, creating a gap of speeds and uncertainty changes. Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has already indispensably shown us that the digital transformation could be significantly fostered with new approaches like: “work from home”, “digital trading” and “digital shopping”, the comprehensive analysis of these changes and the foreseeing of future trends is a challenging effort. The paper outlines a methodological approach with both analytical & machine simulated parts that have already proven successful forecasting results on the future digital transformation effects, based on hybrid morphological & system-of-systems analysis. The prognoses are presented in a multidimensional space of subspaces with different dynamics interactions, producing useful foresight generalizations. Further, validation and verification with hybrid human-machine multicriteria stochastic and real-world interactive evaluations are also presented for completeness. A final wrap-up discussion on the obtained results and future trends expectations is given as a conclusion.

Future Economy, Holistic Analysis, Scenario Landscape Establishment, Results Interactive Evaluation, Digital Transformation

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Zlatogor MINCHEV, "Future Transformational Outlook for the Digital Society and Economy", Romanian Cyber Security Journal, ISSN 2668-6430, vol. 3(2), pp. 25-37, 2021.