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Spring 2023, No. 1, Vol. 5 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

Privacy and Security - Related Challenges of the Future EU Digital Identity

Andreea Florina RADU, Ioana PETCU, Dragoş-Cătălin BARBU,,


The present article comprises a brief analysis of the concept, features and value of the future EU Digital Identity, while its main purpose is to X-ray the present technical infrastructure, the legislative framework and the cyber security challenges of the future EU e-Wallet. The articles demonstrate that the implementation of future digital identities will pave the way to a greater range of e-government services, more efficient, a need that could be easily identified in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, in this context, it also highlights the role of cyber security in the context of the ongoing digital transformation, under the conditions where it becomes more and more obvious that the benefits of the European digital economy and society can only be fully accomplished under the premise of cyber security, as cornerstone of digital transformation. In addition, the article also addresses some privacy and security-related issues of personal data transfers and storage linked to the future e-Wallets. The conclusion aims to underline the role of secure identification services in the context of building a trusted and secure Digital Identity for all European citizens.

ICT, Cybersecurity, e-Wallet, e-Governance, EU-DIW, EU Digital Identity, Privacy & Security

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Andreea Florina RADU, Ioana PETCU, Dragoş-Cătălin BARBU, "Privacy and Security - Related Challenges of the Future EU Digital Identity", Romanian Cyber Security Journal, ISSN 2668-6430, vol. 5(1), pp. 39-52, 2023.