Fall 2019, No. 2, vol. 1 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

The Proliferation of Cyber Weapons
-Theory and Mitigation-

Alexandru GEORGESCU, Adrian Victor VEVERA, Carmen Elena CÎRNU

Cyberspace has been designated by NATO as a new operational domain, but many countries, such as the US, preceded it. Cyber weaponry differs from kinetic weaponry and generate effects through non-kinetic means. Similar to the divide between nuclear weapons and conventional weapons, the availability and potential use of cyber weapons creates new dynamics, constraints and considerations in relations between states. Their usefulness in covert and overt warfare must be balanced with the insecurity they generate in the absence of rules and norms governing their use, which ultimately leads to collective insecurity. The article highlights key considerations on cyber weaponry and discusses the feasibility of non-proliferation efforts.

cyber warfare, collective security, nonproliferation, resilience, cyber weaponry.

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