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Spring 2019, No. 1, Vol. 1 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

Cyber Education Approaches for a Modern Security in a Future Society




The digital revolution among all the obvious benefits it brings to human comfort also brings a number of vulnerabilities. These are most often caused by the misunderstanding of new behavioral rules in an information society. Now, these rules are required not to affect the performance of current activities. Determining members of society to their conscious respect is only through education. Reports that indicate alarming growth in the diversity and complexity of cyber threats confirm the rupture between education and the correct functioning values of the entire society. In our work we propose to launch education themes in the spirit of maintaining a high level of national and community security. In this contest, we appreciate that starting training programs in the areas of cyber security, from the youngest age, is beneficial to the future evolution of the whole society. They should be done for a unitary purpose, with coordinated and carefully verified objectives. To achieve these ideals, new security specialists must be trained and employed, cyber education being a fundamental competence for the future human society.

cyber education, digital revolution, education

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Sorin TOPOR, "Cyber Education Approaches for a Modern Security in a Future Society", Romanian Cyber Security Journal, ISSN 2668-6430, vol. 1(1), pp. 53-58, 2019.