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Spring 2020, No. 1, Vol. 2 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

Mathematical Modelling in Cyber Security Management

Electra MITAN


Cyber security is the most critical aspect of the technological-based lives. The increasing interest in it leads to adopt computer architectures, with a close relationship between hardware, sofware and security. The paper presents the case of applying a Multi- Attribute Decision Making model and Onicescu solving method, in order to select a hardware - software infrastructure used to acquire and process the information concerning computer security incidents. Each pair hardware - software infrastructure is evaluated using a set of characteristics. The pair with the greatest evaluation value is the optimal solution.

Critical infrastructure, Cyber Security, Multi-Attribute Decision Making, Data Base Management System

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Electra MITAN, "Mathematical Modelling in Cyber Security Management", Romanian Cyber Security Journal, ISSN 2668-6430, vol. 2(1), pp. 45-57, 2020.