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Spring 2021, No. 1, Vol. 3 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

Cybersecurity Management at National Level

George Daniel ȘAPERA


The article highlights the key role of cyber research, stressing the need to focus efforts in the context of determining the manner in which the key actors should reach a common understanding of how to design and respond to security challenges in cyberspace. In order to build a clear perception of these effects, the article addresses the main elements defining cyberspace that support the efficiency of the management process, especially when we speak of cyberspace as an area of economic, political and military conflicts. The discussion on national critical infrastructure protection is increasingly focused on the cyber dimension, as all infrastructures are affected by the information revolution and include IT components, mainly for command-and-control functions.

Critical infrastructure, Cyber risk, Management, Cybersecurity

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George Daniel ȘAPERA, "Cybersecurity Management at National Level", Romanian Cyber Security Journal, ISSN 2668-6430, vol. 3(1), pp. 51-57, 2021.