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Spring 2021, No. 1, Vol. 3 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

Space Situational Awareness Systems Overview

Alexandru STANCIU, Laurențiu ASIMOPOLOS, Bogdan Balea ROMAN, Natalia ASIMOPOLOS,,,


Modern economies use navigation, communication, Earth observation, meteorology, and many other derived applications and services to be competitive and grow. However, these capacities are based on the continued availability of an infrastructure that includes a spatial component. Achieving a better understanding of space, especially outer space, objects close to Earth, the population of spacecraft, and the ability to anticipate events related to associated risks is essential to protect critical infrastructures and human life. We present an overview of the Space Situational Awareness (SSA) domain and introduce the SAFESPACE platform, which was implemented to provide storage and computational resources for SSA services and applications. Space weather (SWE) is relevant for critical infrastructures such as the power grids, as the impact of geomagnetic storms can be severe. We provide an example for geomagnetic storm assessment based on Dst index forecasting using ARIMA and LSTM models.

LSTM, Space Weather, Space Situational Awareness, ARIMA, Time Series Prediction, Geomagnetic Storm

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Alexandru STANCIU, Laurențiu ASIMOPOLOS, Bogdan Balea ROMAN, Natalia ASIMOPOLOS, "Space Situational Awareness Systems Overview", Romanian Cyber Security Journal, ISSN 2668-6430, vol. 3(1), pp. 3-11, 2021.