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Spring 2022, No. 1, Vol. 4 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal


Dr. Adrian Victor VEVERA

Founding Editor in Chief, General Director, ICI Bucharest

We are pleased to welcome you to a new edition of the Romanian Cyber Security Journal. This is a high-quality product of ICI that we are developing with the support of a growing community of contributors to advance discussions on cybersecurity and to integrate Romanian expertise with the global community of academics and experts. Cyber issues are global, and we can no longer persist in parochial modes of organization and information exchange, with only cursory contacts with the evolving global conversation on these issues. Romania’s roles as regional leader in ICT-related economic sectors must be balanced by a corresponding weight of effort in the cybersecurity realm, or else the digitalization of processes and systems and the digitization of data will lead to an unmanageable increase in risks, vulnerabilities and threats.

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