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Spring 2022, No. 1, Vol. 4 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

Generation Z and the Age of Technology Addiction

Alexandra Raluca ALBESCU


What is most important for our digital natives? Be relevant, create significant content and real experiences. But most of all, Generation Z wants to have fun and play. Connectivity is their way of living, they do absolutely everything online, from expressing themselves to experimenting and, of course, playing. We have an army of multitasking little robots, humanoids whose thinking and behavior have been shaped in a very special way by new technologies. They are the ones who will shape, in their image and likeness, the humanity of the coming years. But, despite all of this, we have to understand their technology addiction and to face with their loss of innocence.

Virtual Reality, Games, New Generations, Digital Innovations, New Technologies, Technology Addiction

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Alexandra Raluca ALBESCU, "Generation Z and the Age of Technology Addiction", Romanian Cyber Security Journal, ISSN 2668-6430, vol. 4(1), pp. 13-20, 2022.