Spring 2020, No. 1, vol. 2 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

Cyber as a Transformative Element in the Critical Infrastructure Protection Framework

Alexandru GEORGESCU, Adrian Victor VEVERA, Carmen CÎRNU

Critical Infrastructure Protection represents a comprehensive conceptual framework for the management of risks, vulnerabilities and threats arising from interconnected socio-technical systems termed infrastructures. Their criticality stems from the impact which disruption or destruction would have on a society or a region, whether through human and material losses, or of prestige and trust. Cyber has become an important factor in CIP, a crosscutting issue whose ascent has resulted in significant changes. This article argues that the penetration of cyber into almost every facet of human activity has resulted in fundamental structural changes, describes those changes in a systematized manner and theorizes what may happen to security governance under the new status quo.

critical infrastructure protection, resilience, cyberspace, system-of-systems.

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