Spring 2021, No. 1, vol. 3 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

Security Risks of Cloud Computing Services from the New Cybernetics’ Threats Perspective

Ioana PETCU, Ionuţ Bogdan CANDET, Costin ŞTEFĂNESCU, Cristian Ionel GRUIA, Vlad CRAIOVEANU,,,,

Starting with the development of technology and the acceleration of the digital transformation process, the risks and threats of cloud computing data centers are on an exponential trend, with increased exposure to cyberattacks and security incidents. Cloud computing services and their security have entered a new era through the growing need for resilience, technological capacity building and the use of the highest standards of cyber security and digital autonomy. Both users and providers, and administrators of cloud computing will need to adapt quickly and continuously to new developments in cyber threats and develop their skills, responsiveness and cybersecurity capabilities. In the context of the new cyber threats posed by the new normal, in which old security practices have been deeply affected by the current pandemic, this article presents an analysis of new security risks and threats and the most important measures to prevent cyberattacks on cloud computing services seen from an agile and flexible approach to security.

Cybernetics risk, New normal, Pandemic crisis, Awareness, Cloud computing, Data center, Cybersecurity, Threats, Vulnerability, Capability, Cyberattacks, Hacking, Control security.

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