Spring 2022, No. 1, vol. 4 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

The Importance of Simulation Modeling of Different Systems, with an Emphasis on Agent-Based Modeling

Mihnea – Vlad NICOLAE

Simulation modeling has become a key instrument for planners and decision makers over the years and its development has increased the accuracy of the resulted data and the efficiency of the simulated model. Agent-Based Modeling is being used in a vast variety of areas, helping in developing new applications, new transport systems, increasing the security of different infrastructures and even helping to manage natural disasters. This modeling technique has a lot of benefits over physically simulating the environment and this accounts for its growing use. This paper presents the importance of simulation modeling, highlights key applications and focuses on tracing the evolution of agent-based modeling in the field of transport.

Simulation, Agent-based Modeling, Cybersecurity, Natural Disasters, Transport Planning.

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