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Spring 2024, No. 1, Vol. 6 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

Cybersecurity in the Era of Space Domain Awareness

Ulpia Elena BOTEZATU,


As society increasingly relies on space systems, this article explores the critical link between space operations and cybersecurity, highlighting the need to protect space assets from cyber threats. It emphasizes the role of Space Domain Awareness (SDA) in comprehending and securing activities in outer space. The article also discusses the challenges posed by the evolving space architecture and SpaceX’s Starlink project, underlining the importance of cybersecurity in safeguarding space assets. In conclusion, it calls for vigilance, innovation, and international collaboration to secure the space frontier in an era marked by digital vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity, Space security, Space governance, International cooperation, Emerging technologies, Space Domain Awareness

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Ulpia Elena BOTEZATU, "Cybersecurity in the Era of Space Domain Awareness", Romanian Cyber Security Journal, ISSN 2668-6430, vol. 6(1), pp. 29-38, 2024.