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Spring 2021, No. 1, Vol. 3 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

Functional Elements Specific to Mongodb Databases



The present paper aims to present some considerations on the functional features of MongoDB databases, belonging to the NoSQL typology (increasingly used especially by Web applications such as Youtube, Amazon, Google and Facebook - forced both to store an impressive volume of data and to provide, on the basis of these data, quick answers to competing queries, with an increasing level of rhythmicity). The article’s contribution consists in presenting the conceptual equivalences between the classical bases (SQL) and the Mongo bases, as well as in explaining a range of commands used in the dialogue between an application and the MongoDB Server. Additionally, a brief , concrete case study on using MongoDB in a cybersecurity successful solution is here-in integrated.

NoSQL Databases, MongoDB, Relational Databases

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Dragoş NICOLAU, "Functional Elements Specific to Mongodb Databases", Romanian Cyber Security Journal, ISSN 2668-6430, vol. 3(1), pp. 39-49, 2021.