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Spring 2022, No. 1, Vol. 4 / Romanian Cyber Security Journal

Malicious Strategy: Watering Hole Attacks

Mihai APOSTOL, Bogdan PALINIUC, Rareș MORAR, Florin VIDU,,,


A recent attack strategy named watering hole attack has evolved in the past years, a combination of different techniques which are aimed at companies network by infecting websites which are frequently accesed by its employees. This paper aims to bring a better understanding and awareness of this type of attack. A case study is included in this research and also an analysis of Earth Lusca, a criminal organization whose strategy is concentrated on watering hole attacks.

Holy Water Attack, Cross Site Scripting, File Upload, Earth Lusca, Watering-Hole

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Mihai APOSTOL, Bogdan PALINIUC, Rareș MORAR, Florin VIDU, "Malicious Strategy: Watering Hole Attacks", Romanian Cyber Security Journal, ISSN 2668-6430, vol. 4(1), pp. 29-37, 2022.